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Business emigration to Poland

Our company helps with issues of business organization in Poland. One of the services is the implementation of business emigration-the opening of its enterprise in this country.

The establishment of the company under Polish law entitles to obtain a residence permit. Obtaining a residence permit is the initial stage for obtaining Polish citizenship and all rights and opportunities arising from it.

Advantages of Poland as EU countries for business emigration

Why is Poland so attractive to open its business and attract investors? The answer to this question is that:

  • The economy of this country has been steadily developing for the last 20 years without recessions and crises
  • To register a company in Poland is very easy, it is enough to have only a passport. And the opening of the company occurs in the period of up to four weeks
  • The cost of registration of the company is low, about one and a half thousand euros, while in the Czech Republic such service will cost 8000 euros
  • As founders can be foreigners, so it is not necessary to involve the founders with Polish citizenship
  • At registration of the enterprise already in 2 months it is possible to receive the long-term visa on which all members of your family can enter the country
  • If the registration of the company is carried out only for obtaining a residence permit, then there is a possibility to apply for any other job in Poland
  • Low cost of accommodation and accommodation

Stages of business emigration

How to carry out business emigration to Poland?

The algorithm is:

  • Control of the Company registration and maintenance process. The cost for each city of Poland varies
  • Organization and advising on visa application and paperwork (125 Euro per person)
  • Preparation and development of a plan to obtain temporary or permanent residence

Why you should contact us

Advantages and peculiarities of working with the company:

  • Individual approach, plan and work together with the client, all actions are transparent
  • We plan to work so that you do not pay extra, and the result was worthy
  • We work without prepayment, payment is made on the result of executed actions
  • Conclude a contract, where we prescribe that we have financial responsibility for the prescribed obligations
  • After registration of the company, we help and advise you free of charge during the year
  • The main goal-customer satisfaction with our work

 In order to order the service “business emigration”, you only need to fill in a special form called “Order Service”. We can also calculate the cost of a business emigration service and issue you a report.

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