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Life in Poland

You can say that living in Poland will depend on where you intend to live. The article will says about the country as a whole.

Poland itself is a very cozy country, which has a dissimilar architecture. About 38 000 000 people live on a comparatively small territory. Most of the inhabitants of the country profess Catholicism. Hence, such a large number of church structures of the Middle Ages. The country itself is very beautiful. There are many beautiful places to admire. But Poland is good not only for its species, but also for its quality and affordability of life.

Life in large cities is much more expensive than on the periphery. Renting an apartment in Lodz, Warsaw, Poznan or Gdansk is quite expensive due to the fact that it is a large city. But it is worth noting that it is not Western Europe, where housing is much more expensive. And, unfortunately, prices are higher every year. People have to spend a lot of money to maintain a habitual way of life.

But the price of food and the necessary services are still available to the ordinary citizen. The average wage here is 4000 per month. The cost of bread-4 PLN, Milk-from 2 to 4 PLN, a dozen eggs-4 PLN. Poland is a country with a pronounced rural economy, so the vegetables here are quite cheap. So, a kilo of apples costs only 1 zloty. For the same price can be bought and potatoes. Greens, carrots cost to inhabitants in 1-2 PLN. Meat products cost a little more-from 13 to 20 PLN per kilogram. Household chemicals are also relatively inexpensive here. Washing powder will cost 4 zlotys, and shampoo-in 1-2 PLN. Soap costs about 1 zloty.

But to live in Poland and pay for the apartment, many students have to look for work. Young people are looking for a job, are taken for work. From an early age they gain financial independence, and in not rare cases and at all independently pay for the study, due to the extra financing from the state.

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