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Doing business in Poland

If you want to start a business in Poland, you need to know a lot of small things related to the organization and conduct of their business. The information in this article will help you analyze your capabilities and prepare well.

From what to repel?

The main points in the conduct of business in Poland.

  • Stable economy.
  • Visa benefits.
  • High level of purchasing power.
  • Free economic Zone.
  • Minimum requirements from you by the state.

Europe offers many opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. It is very easy to open a business in Poland, so many people consider this country. Entrepreneurs are attracted by a stable economy, as well as an open economic zone with other countries in Europe. Business in Poland will give you an opportunity to get PERMANENT residence, residence PERMIT or even citizenship.

Your business should start with choosing the right direction in which you want to develop. Think about costs, your opportunities. Then you need to take care of the paper side of the issue. Collect and prepare all the necessary documents to organize your business. Calculate taxes. You will calculate 19% of your profit as well as VAT. It is important to analyze the market. Understand what is interesting to the Poles, as well as their purchasing power. You have to understand what methods you will lure your customers. You can buy advertising on banners, you can create a website. Without everything above it is impossible to conduct business.

Company opening.

In order to open a company in Poland, it is necessary to consider all the subtleties of Polish legislation. You will have to interact with Polish employees, hire them, dismiss them. It is necessary to submit documents in ZUS in time. This is an analogue of social insurance. Many entrepreneurs seek assistance from law firms that help to collect all documents, prepare them, and submit them to the appropriate authorities.

Doing business after opening it.

The most important point in the conduct of the company-is accounting. It has a number of features and small moments that need to be considered and respected. You have to submit three main financial reports of your company.

  • Income reporting.
  • Cash flow reporting.
  • Reporting on the balance of your company.

The economic activity of your company will be taken into account by several indicators. On the basis of these indicators will be the general picture about your company.

  • Debt.
  • Liquidity
  • Turnover.
  • Profitability.

It is best to hire an accountant who will be responsible for this. Only a specialist will be well erudite in this subject, which means that you should not have any problems.


In order to start a business in Poland, you need to familiarize yourself with many nuances. The main ones were listed in this article. This information will give you an opportunity to understand and analyze your opportunities.


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