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How to collect information about competitors? Important

There are many ways to get information about competitive businesses in general and each direction individually. They are mostly divided into official and unofficial. The most effective way is to appeal to the National Ship Register. There you will be given the necessary information about the business you are interested in, on the basis of which you can start to build business relations.

In Poland, a few years ago, laws were enacted, the main purpose of which was to support a healthy market competition, guarantee the security of transactions, simplifying the conduct of business in general.

The introduced standards give the right to receive the necessary basic information about the company of interest free of charge. Access is granted to all parts of the register. If desired, it is possible to save all received information in hard copy. The taxpayer’s number (as well as additional information) is also made after the registration of the court.

One more data collection option is business intelligence. Business Intelligence – Work with the required information in the business area. To get business intelligence services, you can apply not only to narrowly specialized companies, but also to employees who process information by analyzing current market properties. It is worth distinguishing between the concepts of business intelligence and espionage. All information is collected in honest ways, bypassing personal data and other confidential information. A little less than a fifth of entrepreneurs in Poland are actively resorting to business intelligence, but the further choice of analysts varies. Mainly, business analysts draw information from the National Ship Register.

It should be noted that business intelligence and espionage are polar different notions that underlies legal promotion of their business. Next we offer you a list of companies specialized in Business Analytics:

CRIF is an Italian company founded in 1988. Provides services in the business area, including additional information about registered companies in Poland. In addition, using the Special option SkyMinder, you will get access to public documents of 50 million businesses not only in Poland, but in all other countries.

Dun & Bradstreet is a very well-known project from the sphere of providing business information, which was founded in the 19th century. A big plus is the 24/7 support of data access. The company’s archives contain information on more than 160 million enterprises.

TASK-Company LTD., provide consulting services in the business area. In addition, it is possible to analyze the structure of the required business in Poland and around the world.

Wywiadownia.org is a subdivision of IBBC company, the main direction of which is search of optimal solutions in business sphere, transfer of public information about companies of different types.

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