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Foreign business storming Poland

It is established that foreign investments and foreign businessmen mostly choose Poland. The good part of them comes from Ukraine and Russia.

A few years ago, a significant influx of business investors into the territory of Poland began. It can be explained by destabilization of relations of some countries, in particular Ukraine and Russia. The first expand the territory of the sale of their goods, the second in turn choose Poland as a stable bridgehead of market relations.

The growth of new businesses amounted to a fifth of the already existing year, after this figure increased to half of all enterprises. All of them were founded by foreigners.

Below is a list of regions of Poland descending their popularity for business opening:

  • Mazovetskoye Voivodship
  • Lesser Poland
  • Lower Silesia

However, there are areas that, for various reasons, are not popular among foreign businessmen. Mainly, it is Varminsko-Mazurskoe and Sventokshinskoe Voivodeship.

In addition to the regions, you can select the most popular cities. Most of the foreign enterprises were opened in them. These are cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw. If you put foreign investments in the businesses of these cities, there will be a small amount of 42 million euros.

Here are some reasons why businessmen choose Poland:

  • Opening a business in Poland, it becomes much easier to get a residence permit. This may be the start of a move to the EU.
  • There is a sharp tendency: demand exceeds supply, which, naturally, is very beckons of all businessmen not only in Poland, but also all over the world.
  • Unlike Ukraine, the situation in Poland is quite stable, which gives guarantees on the return of invested funds without the risk of being in the midst of crisis.

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