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Poland and EU Market research

Not new is the fact that attempts to start a business in Poland without preliminary analysis of all details usually do not end with success.

In order to start your business in Poland, you will need from 1 to 3 thousand euros. This figure includes the costs of registration, promotion, technology and others. At the same time it is very important to know the basics of doing business: a healthy competition, solutions that will help you to achieve success, dangers that may not come to the eye.

If you understand, you will come to the following advantages:

  • A common view of competitors
  • You will see possible customers
  • The required budget will be clearly outlined
  • Visibility of expected market obstacles
  • Analysis of possible pitfalls
  • Long-term business planning
  • The right decisions on the road to success

Of course, it’s easy to spend all the starting capital for your venture. However, if you really do not delve deeply into the details, difficulties, nuances of business in Poland, you can say that your money is thrown into the wind.

Taking into account the fact that the detailed analysis you spend a relatively small amount (from 100 to $500), in addition you get:

  • Saved resources (if it turns out that your idea has no prospects)
  • Optimal allocation of budget funds
  • The general entrance to the course of such a difficult business as the start of business in Poland.

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