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Registration of a branch in a Polish company

If you have a business in Poland, over time you will have to expand it: to open new branches, outlets locally and throughout the country. Adhering to the law, all such actors are required to formalize. This article simply and in order offers detailed information about this process.

The branch is an independent subject of market relations, related to the main office by economic ties. The branch does not act as an independent enterprise, it obeys the main business.

◾ Opening of branch and branch in Poland

Registration of the branch begins with the decision issued by the manager, in which it is necessary to specify the addition of an additional subject in the business. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the statute of the Company should stipulate the possibility of such a procedure. This error most often leads to the collapse of the attempt to register a new branch. If the statute does not contain this paragraph, it must be formally corrected.

◾ Preparation of documents

When the order is ready, it must be signed by all the components of the administration. The number of copies must be equal to three. Detailed information about the new department should be specified in the order. Then you need to fill in the forms KRS-Z3 and KRS-ZA. They need to attach documents to the premises of the new branch. The next step is to fill in the NIP-2 forms. These documents will require the tax Inspectorate, the statistical office in the form of a document RG-OP. It should be sent to the Central Statistical Office. It is better to have more than one copy of all the described documents with the original signature of the company board members. Then it is necessary to transfer to the account of the branch to the state court register 350 PLN. Attach the receipt to the forms.

All collected documents can be sent by mail, or personally attributed to the listed bodies. As already mentioned, it is better to submit several copies. It is necessary to consider that to apply for documents it is necessary to the state bodies at a place of registration of the main office of your enterprise.

◾ Do I need a separate taxpayer identification number and registration in the Social Security institution for the branch?

Each branch of your company, which will hire employees in regions other than the headquarters of the main office, must have an individual taxpayer number and registration in the social Insurance institution.

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