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Spolka Akcyjna/Joint stock company

This article contains information about such type of enterprise as joint-stock company (both closed and open). It is suitable for work in the sphere of securities and shares. In order to register a joint-stock company, it is necessary to form a starting capital, which was to make 100 thousand PLN. Capital is formed as a result of investments of all founders of society. Percentage of interest rate companies

Requirements for registration of a joint-stock company:

-Founders should form the company’s constituent agreement, completion at the notary-start-up capital-heads of authorities,-filling in the necessary data in the state court register there is a need to maintain Accounting in full order. Moreover, the annual report, which contains financial information, must be confirmed by a third party.

Advantages of JSC:

-Finances in this kind of enterprise accumulate very quickly. Moreover, there is a possibility of additional investments-unlimited amount of shareholders of the company-shareholders are not responsible for business relations of the company

Cons of JSC:

-The need to form a large starting capital (100 thousand PLN)-founders who have a small share. However, this does not affect the outcome-the need to conduct all accounting activities in full order-significantly higher costs during the registration of a joint stock company This should be accompanied by tangible financial investments. Moreover, each type of Polish enterprise has its own peculiarities. If you do not take into account any part, all your plans can be disrupted. A thorough analysis will take place in Poland. Consider all possible options, and find the best solution.

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