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Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia LLC TOV

This article contains information about this type of enterprise, such as LLC. According to experience, it is the most common type of business activity in Poland. A limited liability company may be registered only if the founders have a minimum starting capital, the sum of which equals to 5 thousand PLN (1250 euro). Thus, the obligations of the founders of this type of enterprise are limited to the part that was invested in the total starting capital. There is a possibility to register an LLC with one or more founders. In order to register a company with GS, it is obligatory to form a constituent agreement, strictly adhering to the norm fixed on the Web page of the state Court register. However, in some cases the form may not be quite suitable for the company’s needs. In this case, the company’s agreement is formed independently, and then certified by a notary. Further, within six months after the signing of the certified contract by all the founders, it and additional documentation must be submitted for consideration in the state Court register. Enterprises of this type are obliged to carry out accounting according to the norms established by Polish legislation. In addition, every year it is regularly necessary to provide the relevant State authorities with a report that will contain information about the company’s financial turnover. In addition, if the founders of the enterprise receive dividend payments, they should pay the corresponding tax. Each type of enterprise has its pros and cons in which it is necessary to carefully understand before the start of Company registration. After analyzing the information, you will find the optimal solution for you, as well as eliminate unplanned financial costs and other problems.


— Responsibility for the business relations of the company is borne by it independently, acting as a legal entity. Thus, any responsibility related to this sphere of activity is withdrawn from the founders of the company. — Provides opportunities and prospects for getting into big business — for many reasons it is considered to be the best type of enterprise in Poland for foreign entrepreneurs. -If for various reasons you need to complete your business activities, you will not spend much time to sell the company. This is due to the great demand for good LLC.

◾ Cons:

— Necessity of formation of starting capital in the amount of 5 thousand PLN (however in practice the presence of the sum in assets of the enterprise is not subject to checks) — Necessity of keeping of accounting in full order (carries additional financial expenses) — The company registration process is very trivial. If you do not understand all the details of the case, your efforts will not succeed. In this situation, any detail you do not took into account is a deviation of your application for registration in the state Court register.

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