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Spolka Komandytowa Pros and cons

This article contains information about a type of enterprise such as a Partnership on trust

A limited partnership is an enterprise in which the general partner bears full responsibility for all business relations of the company. The rest of the partners Bear limited responsibility. Its scope is set by the sum of “limited community” of the restricted partnership. In turn, this norm should be approved in the process of registration of partnerships on the side. This form of enterprise is perfect for those cases where the founders have an unequal financial capacity. Thus, one idea reinforces its monetary resources. In this way, they start a joint business activity. When there is a high probability of non-return of invested funds. In order to register a limited partnership necessarily, it is necessary to form a constituent agreement, as well as to submit a corresponding application to the state Court register. The state is given the opportunity for enterprises to pay taxes in a simplified manner. In this case, the profit tax is covered not only by the partnership. However, bookkeeping does not have any facilitating factors. It is necessary to produce it according to the norms established by Polish legislation. Existing formalities related to the name of a limited partnership. The name of the company must contain the name and surname.

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