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Spolka Jawna in Poland why?

◾ Full partnership in Poland

In this article we will talk about this kind of enterprise as a full partnership. We also discussed some of the issues related to this form of activity. The basis of practice is the official registration. She also submitted documents to the state Court register. The full partnership provides more reliable guarantees concerning the conducted business activity. They all have a wide range of responsibilities. This should be at least two). However, all partnerships have their own capital. Events in society cannot exist. Now let’s talk about the advantages of this type of enterprise. No need to pay income tax. This is due to the fact that each participant of a full partnership pays tax of this type independently. This form of taxation is currently used. This should create a CIT report on the income of a full partnership, the founder of which it is listed. Besides, under additional conditions it is possible to carry out the procedure of taxation in a simplified form.

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