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Transport in Poland

In major cities (Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Gdansk) There are trams and buses. The Metro is in Warsaw, but it has Only one branch. There are only buses in small towns. You can see the movement in the capital on the website of the municipal Transport.

Ticket price:

Passenger tickets can be regular and preferential. Preferential Passing through can be used by students and students up to 26 years of age. When buying A discount ticket, you must confirm eligibility for the benefit of the eligible Document (student, pupil’s certificate). Cost of preferential Ticket is half the cost of the usual. The cost of conventional Tickets:

3.40 PLN-for 20 minutes

4.40 PLN-Single

15 PLN-Daily

110 PLN-For 30 days

280 PLN-For 90 days

50 PLN-for people over 65 years old-ticket Senyora

A regular cardboard ticket must be validated at the entrance to the Transport. In Warsaw at certain points of ZTM it is possible to get personal Warsaw City map with your NAME and photo. Pay for the trip Using the card simply-it is necessary to bring it to the reading The device on the composter at the entrance to the transport. If lost, you can Recover the card, it will cost 14 PLN.

Different types of tickets are valid in all modes of transport except That, with them can be transported strollers, great and hand luggage.

The check of the trip is carried out by controllers. They don’t have A certain uniform, but there is a certificate. Before you start Check, the controllers block the composters. If the passenger does not have a ticket, Or there is a discounted ticket without a document granting the right to Benefit, the controller shall issue a fine in the amount of the fare and plus 140-180 PLN. After calculating the fine, the supporting paper is issued if the The passenger does not have the necessary amount, the controllers issue a receipt With the amount and the date to which you want to make the payment. In case The penalty is not paid before the specified date, the carrier can sue. Smoking at public transport stops is punishable by a fine Amount of 500 PLN.


All localities in Poland serve PKS-state Bus company, on the company’s website there is an opportunity to find the necessary Route and prices. You can buy a bus ticket at the bus station or at Driver. In addition to the State company, there are also private carriers- Offer more convenient routes for domestic and international flights, But the cost of tickets they may have more.


There are taxi services in the cities of Poland. Average call fee Taxi-8 PLN, tariff per kilometer-1, 5-3 PLN. Ensure accuracy The accrued fee can be tracked by a taximeter, they are equipped with Every car. If necessary, the taxi driver must give a receipt Payment.

Intercity trains

To quickly get from the city to another city, you can use Class of Trains EX (Expres) and IC (Intercity), their cost is higher by More speed. High-speed trains and NLK-cheaper option. Slow trains have many stops and move for short Distance.

Average ticket price:

60-125 PLN-Warsaw-Krakow

70-140 PLN-Krakow-Gdansk

120-160 PLN-Warsaw-Poznan

120-170 PLN-Warsaw-Gdansk

On the site of the Polish railway you can see the schedule of trains and Ticket prices (rozklad-pkp.pl). You can buy a train ticket at Station and on the site.


Airport Okenche (Warsaw)-the largest in Poland, air traffic more than half a hundred countries of the world.

Other international airports in Poland:

-Katowice Airport

Airport. Lech Walesa (Gdansk)

Airport. Raymont (Lodz)

• International Airport. John Paul II (Krakow)

Wroclaw Airport

• Shechin Airport ankle. NSZZ Solidarity

Poznan Airport

Budget airlines of Poland:

• Air Italy (www.airitaly.eu)

• Aer Lingus (www.aerlingus.com)

• Norwegian (www.norwegian.no)

• Click Air (www.clickair.com)

• EasyJet (www.easyjet.com)

• Germanwings (www.germanwings.com)

• Ryanair (www.ryanair.com)

• Wizz Air (www.wizzair.com)

To find the best flights you can use search engines:



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