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Hiring workers in Poland

By organizing their own business in Poland, there are often The need to hire workers to perform specific duties on the Different positions. In this regard, it is necessary to examine in detail All the nuances, to avoid possible troubles in the future.

When hiring a new employee, you should always consider Certain rules and regulations documented in the Territory of Poland.

What do you need to know when hiring in Poland?

By recruiting or firing staff, you, as a manager, Responsible for them and their activities within the working Sphere. As a result, you have some obligations to Employees of your company.

Due to the established theory that management has a number of Advantages over ordinary workers, in Poland were adopted legal acts, Which in turn restore the balance of powers and responsibilities For management and subordinates.

To know all the subtleties of the conclusions of the employment contract, you Read the “Labour Code” adopted in Poland in 1974. In The set of these legal acts provides detailed information on the normalized working Wages, overtime payments, and holidays and Sick, in what cases they are paid and in which they are not. Also there Questions concerning safety and health protection of the Staff.

These issues are given special attention, so at the stages of Planning a Business project, it is necessary to study this document in detail, To be aware of all the nuances and mandatory requirements.

Rules for employers in Poland

By complying with the legislation, the employer must perform a number of Mandatory requirements, including payroll, Accounting and expulsion of taxes to the relevant authorities.

Poland has laws that oblige to charge and pay contributions For each employee who will cover the social and medical Insurance. These contributions are accrued and withheld from the Subordinate’s fee.

In addition, the preparation of the necessary documentation and the provision of The relevant social insurance authorities also remain Employer.

By hiring a new employee, you, as a superior lead person, are obliged to acquaint the newly-established employee with the safety rules In a specific activity. It must be remembered that Responsibility for the safety of the employee’s life on the working Place is the guide.

It is also necessary to carry out on a regular basis activities which will be discussing safety and in case of necessary, the new rules and regulations will be Amended.

Every employee must periodically undergo preventive Medical examinations, and you, as an employer, must cover the costs of These activities.

If there are more than twenty (20) people in the working headquarters, the Organization creates a social fund in which funds are accrued, Preventive examinations and medical documents and certificates, If they are needed.

Notifying the necessary authorities of the hiring of new employees

In accordance with article 209 of § 1 of the Labour Code, within 30 Days after the hiring of a new employee must notify in writing Necessary bodies about it, namely the sanitary inspector, as well as the Labour inspectors. In the form specify the type, place and scope of activity. This is The rule applies only to those who use the Wage labour.

If any of the above information changes, then this point must also be re-recorded within 30 days of the date of the New changes coming into force.

In case of ignoring and refusal of informing the authorized There is a fine of 1000-30 000 PLN, which is stipulated by the Article 283 § 2, paragraph 1 of the Labour Code.

When hiring a new employee, the hired person must provide In writing a statement in which will says that he No longer listed in the registry as unemployed or in search of Work.

After receiving this application, the employer in writing form shall notify the exchange of employment of the employment of the individual and the That this person is not unemployed.

Cases where one person receives unemployment and salary benefits Fees are inadmissible and punishable by law. You, as an employer, will incur For this responsibility and pay a fine of at least 3000 PLN.

In individual cases where the person employed has a certificate of Debt, the employer is obliged to notify the authority in the employment of the Who issued the certificate and the Court representative. In case of default This requirement, the employer will also pay a fine may be repeated if the requirement is not performed.


When hiring a Polish worker, from the moment of commencement of his Labour Activity, the employer shall, without fail, notify the authority Social security about the beginning of the activity of a certain person on his Enterprise. Thoroughly having studied the legislative and legal documents, Provide the necessary help and forms to the authorities that govern the Professional activities of enterprises, as well as its workers.

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