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Category: Taxes

Company change statement

The obligation to update data in CEIDG also extends to companies. In addition, in case of changing company data, it is necessary to update the data in the Central Statistical Office (RG-OP form, for example, in case of changing PKD codes, suspension of operations) and the tax office (NIP-2 form). update data in the REGON…
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Excise Tax Registration (AKC-R)

◾What do you need to know? If you are in the excise goods business, you must apply for registration. You should also send this notice if you intend to trade in cars. Attention! From February 1, 2018, excise goods also represent: liquid for electronic cigarettes and innovative products (for example, inhalers that produce nicotine after…
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Individual tax interpretation

◾What do you need to know? Individual tax interpretation is information provided by the National Tax Office. Interpretation will give you an answer, for example, whether you use tax benefits in accordance with the law or whether you can use them in the future. An application for interpretation may be submitted: – an individual –…
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Tax Card Statement (PIT-16)

◾What do you need to know? What is a tax card? A tax deduction card is a form of taxation that includes the payment of a fixed amount of tax, regardless of the amount of income actually received. This form of taxation is especially useful for small companies that have few employees or are organized…
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