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Entrepreneur Name Change Notification

If you are an individual entrepreneur who has joined the CEIDG, you manage a limited liability company (sp z oo), civil partnership or another registered company KRS and changed your name, then in addition to identification documents, you must also change all the data in separate registers related to your business. After the event that…
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Changes in a company

◾Who reports changes in companies Changes to the company must be signed in accordance with the rules of the representative office (as indicated in the contract). There are exceptions to this rule that require the signatures of all members of the board of directors, i.e. statement of the board on contributions to cover the increased…
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Company change statement

The obligation to update data in CEIDG also extends to companies. In addition, in case of changing company data, it is necessary to update the data in the Central Statistical Office (RG-OP form, for example, in case of changing PKD codes, suspension of operations) and the tax office (NIP-2 form). update data in the REGON…
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Statement of changes to your business

Do you run a company? Remember that if you change, for example, name, address, account number and tax form, you must inform the authorities. Remember! In most cases, all you have to do is send your changes to the registry in which your company is registered (CEIDG, KRS). In addition, in the case of companies,…
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