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Category: Company formation

OOO TOV-SP. z o.o. Features of creating and managing

This article contains basic information about such type of enterprise as partnership. This type of enterprise was one of the most common businesses, constantly competing with the individual enterprise. Unlike IP, in order to officially register a partnership it is necessary to form and sign the company charter. As a rule, the signing of this…
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IP in Poland. Does it make sense?

In this article we will talk about this kind of activity, as an individual enterprise. We will tell you about all the nuances and problems that you can expect if you decide to open a business of this type. As always, clearly and in order. If you trust the statistics, Polish citizens more often than…
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Is printing required in a Polish company?

‘During the development of business activities in Poland, there are constantly questions that are very difficult to answer from the very beginning, if you do not understand the situation. This is a matter of printing, namely the need for it. Moreover, it arises almost that everyone who plans to start a business. That is why…
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