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Company change statement

The obligation to update data in CEIDG also extends to companies.

In addition, in case of changing company data, it is necessary to update the data in the Central Statistical Office (RG-OP form, for example, in case of changing PKD codes, suspension of operations) and the tax office (NIP-2 form).

  • update data in the REGON registry
  • data update via NIP-2

How to report a change in the data of a company registered in the National Register of Ships

If your company data has changed, you must report it to the appropriate authorities within 7 days.

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  • change of data in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register

There are two types of entries in the National Register of Ships:

  • declarative records – they inform about changes in the company that have already occurred and are valid – current (for example, change of registered office address, change of PKD codes, change of member of the board, suspension of activity),
  • constituent records – as long as the change is not displayed in the register, it does not have legal force, despite the adoption of the relevant decision by the partners (for example, a merger, increase in share capital, dissolution of the company, amending the charter).

The data to be entered into the National Register of Ships (and must be updated) is indicated (for each type of company) in the Code of Commercial Companies and in the Law on the National Ships Register.

Any changes to the contents of the Register require proceedings. It is drawn up and the application is submitted only on forms prepared by the Ministry of Justice.

Due to the wide variety of economic events, there are more than 80 forms and attachments to them, both in print and in completed form, as well as in the form of editable files that can be filled on a computer, and then printed and signed.

  • Find the national court registration form on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

If the main data has changed, for example, NIP, REGON identification number, registered office / address, the change must be reported to the National Register of Courts (respectively, for a full partnership, partnership, limited liability partnership KRS-Z1, limited liability partnership and joint-stock company KRS-Z2, as well as for limited liability companies or the joint-stock company KRS-Z3)

Examples of changes registered in the National Register of Ships:

  • appointment of a trustee and dismissal of a sales representative (personal and capital)
  • suspension and resumption of the company
  • termination of the company
  • bankruptcy petition (personal and capital)
  • change of partner in partnership
  • change of member of the board
  • change in the amount of authorized capital

An amendment to the National Court Register should be accompanied by proof of payment of the court fee (250 zlotys) and publication in the journal “Court and Economic Monitoring” (100 zlotys). In addition, appropriate documents should be attached if the change requires appropriate decisions of partners or boards.

Changes in additional data, such as the abbreviated name, date of obligation to pay contributions, business address, mailing address, bank account, accounting data that you send to the tax office in the form of NIP-8:

  • Notification of changes in data by companies registered in the National Register of Ships (NIP-8)

You can also send it through the electronic declaration system.

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Updated data from the National Register of Courts and additional data from the NIP-8 application are transmitted to the social insurance institution.

Attention! From June 1, 2017, if a new legal entity is registered or an entry is made in the National Register of Courts regarding the change of shareholders or partners, it will be necessary to submit an additional application, including information on whether the applicant is a foreigner under the Law of March 24, 1920. The s24 system does not have a template for such an extract, therefore it can be attached as an external document, which must be signed with a secure electronic signature certified by a qualified certificate and attached to the application.

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