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Cash register at Polish company

Laws have been introduced that provide for the mandatory maintenance of financial accounting by means of cash registers. Thus, the circle of entrepreneurs, which should use cash registers, exists in large quantities. We need to talk about the procedure for registering financial income using a cassette. All possibilities of using cash registers are explained by the fact that by means of legal procedures of accounting of financial means. Thus, entrepreneurs avoid part of taxes, in particular, income tax. Thus, people should buy goods to farmers. Activities. When selling goods to the specified persons there is no need to publish invoices, they are provided in case the buyer needs them. In this way, the accounting company can be very easy to cheat. This requires an operation, and it becomes much more difficult to outsmart accounting. Other variant of development of events-realization of the goods by persons engaged in khoz. Activities. Invoice. Thus, the transaction is already fixed, and therefore there is no devices in cash. However, for some cases the use of the permit of cash machines. However, the scheme of use of new business areas. Every year the list is replenished. Do not affect the solution. For example, the following areas of activity have recently been under this responsibility:-repair works of transport and transport means, tire installation and all the associated works-the station of maintenance and inspection of vehicles-and motor vehicles Means-medical service, in particular services of dentists-employees of the legal sphere (except notaries)-workers of the sphere of food, in particular public food, fast foods and so on-services of barbershops, hairdressing salons and other establishments before Present, the entry into force of the mandatory amendments required for use in respect of cash registers, provided that the annual income does not exceed the amount of 20 thousand zlotys. In addition, for the implementation of personal hygiene products. The number of clients that were relatively small. Thus, there were only 50 accounts, and the number of clients did not exceed 20. Under the new legislation, this benefit has been revoked. The remaining spheres of activity and the persons employed therein remained unchanged. If the total income of your company for the whole year does not exceed the amount of 20 thousand PLN, you have every right not to use cash registers. It is worth to learn that the income is intended for the sale of goods to farmers, as well as individuals. This figure does not specify the financial assets, which are the basic funds, as well as the proceeds from the sale of real estate, non-monetary funds and so on. All these procedures are formalized as an invoice. It is necessary to understand, that the actual information can change at any moment, therefore the information in the tax inspection should be further clarified. It often happens that the entrepreneur is engaged in spheres of activity at once. This requires a mandatory, and for the other-not. In such cases, there are usually questions regarding the need for cash desks. The decision that the profit from entrepreneurial activity should not be lower than the requirements is more than 80% of the total income of the companies of all activities.

◾ Cash machines for goods delivery

As it is known, only some spheres of activity can be exempted from necessity of cash registers. One such is the sale of goods through delivery. It can be both delivery by mail, and courier delivery. All goods must be translated in regular ways. Sending money back by mail or bank transfer. In addition, detailed information about the customer, including the address, is required.

When to install the cashier

According to Polish law, the cash machine in your company must be established before the first sale of goods.

◾ Registration of cash machines in large quantities

If the entrepreneur notifies the tax service of several ticket offices, he must use at least 20% of the specified amount (rounded to whole units). Subsequent cash desks must be put into operation within the next months.

◾ Cash-related benefits

Entrepreneurs who purchased cash registers. They have the opportunity to assume that we have fixed assets. In addition, they have a discount on the purchase of cash machines. According to the law, 90% of the amount paid for the cashier can be compensated in the form of a temporary exemption from payment of taxes. Thus the sum of expenses should not exceed 700 PLN.

◾ Use of cash benefits

In order to use compensatory means, the entrepreneur must fulfill the following requirements:-Information on cash documents, and it is their number and place of sale. -To put all the cash registers into operation not later than the agreed time period the tax Inspectorate within one week-to have a document confirming the fact of purchase

Malfunctions and other problems with the cash register

In case your cash register is defective and does not have to commit transactions properly, you need to connect a spare unit. It is possible to further implement the goods until the problems prohibited. If the tax inspectorate is to deal with the tax Inspectorate, the investigation will be investigated, which will result in the payment of unpaid tax amounts, as well as penalties of 30% of the amount paid.

Cancellation of payment for cash desks

In some situations, it is possible that the Tax Inspectorate asked you to return the compensation provided for the purchase of cash desks. This can happen in a few years. -Suspend or complete the fixation of transactions with their help-did not produce a scheduled annual technical inspection of devices-suspended or completed business activities of the company-ownership of the company transferred to other hands (by sale or donation)-violated Above-mentioned conditions of initial compensation (for example, registration of cash registers was made after the specified period) according to this rule you need to fix the transaction with the help of cash register: 1) fix each A transaction with a subsequent documentary confirmation in the form of a video or invoice 2) provide the customer with the original version of the cheque 3) generate daily and monthly sales reports. The day should not be later. This rule also applies to monthly reports. 4) In case your cash register has been damaged and does not have to commit transactions properly, you need to connect a spare unit and record the fact of the transaction with its help. It is possible to further implement the goods until the problem is resolved. 5) Perform scheduled technical inspections of the device at the end of the period of service provision 6) store documents for a sufficiently long period (it is best to have it for at least 2 years) 8) to record only transactions of its own Enterprise. Any transfer of cash desks to third parties is prohibited and may entail big problems 9) mark the cashier by inscription with the corresponding unique number, which is issued at the time of registration in the Tax Inspectorate 10) Save a document which provides information on the schedule of maintenance of cash desks, as well as provided to its inspectors of the tax service at their request. If you are unable to provide such a document, you may be compensated for the purchase of the cash register.