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Statement of changes to your business

Do you run a company? Remember that if you change, for example, name, address, account number and tax form, you must inform the authorities.

Remember! In most cases, all you have to do is send your changes to the registry in which your company is registered (CEIDG, KRS). In addition, in the case of companies, the changes will be reported to the tax office (depending on the company, these will be NIP-2 and NIP-8). Data from these registers is sent to other offices related to the activity (for example, ZUS).

If you need any help on this issue, we can provide you with the necessary information thanks to which you can carry out this procedure in an optimal way and with minimal cost and time. We can also accompany you at all stages of the process. This solution is the best for you in terms of time.

Report changes via CEIDG

Data that is entered into CEIDG for registration data and information data. The data record includes: name and surname, PESEL, NIP, REGON, citizenship, PKD code, contact details, address of residence and address of a permanent place of work (if the entrepreneur has one), contact details: email address, phone number of the website (if You reported them to CEIDG).

Information data include, among other things, the date of commencement, suspension, renewal, and termination of activity.

Remember that through CEIDG you report and update other data, for example, the tax form, method of payment of advances, type of accounting.

For registration data – the most important from the point of view of ensuring the security of business transactions – you have 7 days to file an application from the date the data was changed. These include:

  • first and last name
  • additional conditions of the company
  • permanent business address
  • email address, website address, phone number, provided that the data was specified in the application for joining CEIDG
  • PKD code.

You can change the data at any time. This is data whose validity does not directly affect other participants in business operations. This includes information about the suspension, resumption or termination of activity. So, for example, if you have suspended work in a company, you can report it.

However, remember that CEIDG also provides other information, for example, tax form, tax calculation periods, type of accounting. In this case, the changes must be notified in accordance with the terms established, for example, in the tax rules.

The most important company data requiring CEIDG updates in the event of a change include:

  • company headquarters and business address
  • The name of the company
  • subject of activity (PKD codes)
  • periods of tax payments (monthly, quarterly)
  • tax form
  • place of storage of accounting documents
  • change in the form of accounting (for example, the transition to ledgers)
  • Bank account.

Remember that in CEIDG you must also report the suspension, resumption and closure of operations.

Editing a record in CEIDG

You are updating data using the CEIDG-1 form. You can make changes in several ways. It is traditional to visit any nearby office. You can download the print form and fill out the CEIDG website. You can also apply by mail, but remember that it will be valid only if you put your own signature, certified by a notary.

However, it will be more convenient to prepare an application in electronic form. The advantage of submitting an online application is the fact that most of the required data is automatically filled out based on the entry in CEIDG, without the need to enter it yourself. If you fill out the application anonymously, that is, without an electronic signature, then within 7 days after filling out the application, you should visit any nearest office to confirm your identity.

If for any reason you want, but cannot carry out this procedure online, our company can perform the entire procedure for you, thus saving your time.

After completing the application, visit the office with the code (application number) obtained on the CEIDG website. Your application in CEIDG will be found by the application code, printed out, sent for signature and confirmed in the system. In this case, the day of application is the day you sign the application at the office.

If you have an electronic signature or a trusted profile, you can fill out all the formalities related to the changes online on the CEIDG website without visiting the office. You sign and submit the completed form online.

Changes to CEIDG are visible immediately after signing the data change request.

Changes to CEIDG can also be reported by your representative.

Reporting CEIDG Changes by Phone

If you want to make changes to your CEIDG record, you can also do this by phone. To do this, contact the help center hotline (phone: 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32). A consultant will help you fill out a change request. After the conversation, you will receive an SMS with a code (application number). With this number, go to the city / communal / district administration. The clerk will print your application and submit it for signature.

If you do not have the desire or experience to do this procedure yourself, we can help you with this issue and solve it as soon as possible.

Information and changes from CEIDG to ZUS and the tax office

Information about the changes that you reported to CEIDG will automatically be sent to ZUS and the tax office. You do not need to additionally report changes to these offices. An exception is, for example, when a change of address changes the property of the tax office.