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Legal requirements for hiring an employee in Poland

This article contains information about the procedure for hiring employees in your company. It presents data based on years of experience in the business sector. Fully read the presented information and exposed in it, your chances have safely formed for the team of the company multiply increasing. It will be easier for you to work with state insurance. The point may be that you have some problems that may occur due to unplanned costs, both financial and temporary. Obligations of the employer according to which the process of hiring a worker takes place. Also

◾ Nuances during the recruitment process

All laws and regulations to be found in the labour and civil codes. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the legal norms on social opportunities, and also to payment of tax physical persons. In particular, the Labour Code provides information on working time, bonus system and vacations. The issues of insurance, health care and hired employees were also considered.

◾ Passing a safety course

It is not obligatory to familiarize yourself with the safety technique if you are a private company. You can also skip this step when hiring close relatives. Consecutive possible access is the hiring of people through civil contracts. It should be understood that the information provided is provided for the main activities, but in some individual cases there may be an exception, so it is necessary to clarify the information in the bodies that can provide you Current information. Otherwise, the new employee at the enterprise should listen to the initial lecture about safety technique. This can be avoided if the employee returns to work. Meanwhile, to leave in less than one month.

◾ Notification of the Social Insurance Office

The organization of social insurance must be signed in accordance with the employment contract. The appeal should include the following information:-Social insurance (provided for unforeseen cases, including accidents)-Health Insurance-Labor fund-Foundation for guaranteed labor benefits each employee who Works only in one sphere of activity, should have social insurance. It can not be only if the employee is a schoolboy or a student with a age of not more than 26 years. This is due to the fact that these persons are not subject to compulsory insurance.

◾ Payment of workers ‘ income tax

The entrepreneur must retain the salary data of each employee. In addition, it is possible to include in this item the costs associated with the hiring of robots by a civil contract.

◾ Medical checks of workers

According to Polish law, only if he has a document signed by a doctor, which provides information on the possibility of employment for a particular position. It was an official hiring impossible. He also takes a job. If you are taking the same person for the second time (provided you work in the previous position). There was also no medical certificate required.

◾ Choosing a contract type during employment

It is very important to choose the right type of contract between you and him. Consider the best options: The employment contract is issued for:-a certain period-indefinite period-probationary period-period of fulfillment of special tasks civil-legal contract:-contract-surety-contract of contract in accordance with Legislation established in the Labour Code, a civil agreement is issued in the event that the employee decides not on a specific period and position, but on the provision of work for a fixed amount of one-time Reward. Employment contract for any other. In fact, this is necessary for verification, but some penalties for withdrawal from the Treaty-making procedure must be taken.

◾ Tax calculation for employees of your company

Tax payment procedure for each employee of the enterprise. Now up to the 20th day you pay the tax of each worker. It is also necessary to calculate deductions. The procedure is set by the Social insurance Office. This month payment of the tax regime according to the submitted information monthly. In addition, this procedure requires a specially filled formyars.

Nuances during the procedure of dismissal of workers

According to Polish law, there are several options for dismissal of your subordinate:-by the consent of the worker and the employer-with the application of the worker or employer-annulment of the employment contract without an order in Fame-after the period of validity of the current agreement-upon completion of the work on which the employee was hired to find new places, jobs were needed:-if the employee was informed within a month-an additional 2 days-if Employee was delivered within 3 months-additional 3 days also after the current work the entrepreneur must provide the document of the former employee. The period of work and responsibilities must be specified. All this is connected with this form, procedure of registration and reception of the accessible state income. Insurance services must be provided on a mandatory basis. After the cancellation of the employment contract. There is a rule according to which the entrepreneur is obliged to compensate the unrealized leave of the dismissed employee in Money equivalent. However, if a worker has been taken to a known country and has no unused leave, he may be required before the date of the official termination of the contract. In addition, the employer has the possibility of issuing permits to cancel the contract. The procedure for dismissing an employee with an agreement is different from the previous one. In this case it is not necessary to inform the worker beforehand. This may be the case only if it has been agreed and spelled out in the document. However, after termination of the contract the entrepreneur must cover all expenses for the employee.


In this article it is possible to note that all activities related to employment in your company are difficult and require special attention on your part. Employees must have additional rights and responsibilities. To analyze all possible source events, it is necessary to understand in detail in this case. Even if you have specialized people who have to deal with it, then and then it may be decided to make a mistake. In addition, if the procedure of hiring a new employee will take place in a warm manner, it may lead to additional motivational work. We should not forget that our accounting department will gladly take care of personnel accounting.